We successfully redefine the outsourced
development by providing elite talents with
proven skills and extreme dedication.

Hire a Geek service focuses on creating a hardworking, self-motivated team of
people who understand business goals and users needs.

This approach ensures that our clients get to work with well balanced,
communicative, success-driven development team.

Proven talents

Our team consist of individual with proven talent in their specific fields.

we carefully select our developers and designers

Project starts

Our delivery process allows for a quick project start regardless of the party that manages the project.

It is usually possible within 2weeks.

Flexible contract

Choose between fixed price and never worry about the additional cost or agile, monthly billed service more fitted for larger,evolving projects.


Our talents are fully motivated and dedicated to ensure you'll hit the market with the best product possible

How it works?

Business requirements

Share with us your business requirements we
need to understand both your business and your
potential users needs.

Technology stacks

Discuss with us your technological needs, it will
allow us to find the best talents for the job.

Get a shortlist of CVs

We will carefully pick the ideal developers and
designers for your project and deliver their CVs to you.

Schedule technical

Interview your ideal candidates and decide who
you want to hire as part of your dream team.

Get started

Decide between fixed price or monthly payments, sign the contract and start the project.